Why Should We Be Aware of Internet Crimes?

The number of crimes on the internet has been keeping on increasing. One of the causes of this is because, even though there have been many people who are aware of this kind of crimes that they provide protection to their accesses to the internet by installing free vpn apps, for example, there are still a lot of people who still do not know the crimes.

Which causes people to become an easy target for hackers is ignorance about the security of networks of public Wi-Fi. The vast majority of people think that all of Wi-Fi networks in public facilities like hotels, cafes, and airports have built-in security. It is not always true. When customers log in to the network that is not secure, hackers can steal information when such information to explore the virtual world, then sell that information on the black market for profit or even use the information to drain the consumer’s bank account. That is why it is important for each of us to become aware of such a kind of crimes.