No elephant means no water

When you think about the climate change, you must fear that our forest has been wiped out, and there won’t be any fresh water left on the planet. Yes, it can happen and it’s happening right now. You can help to protect the forest and its water supply by protecting its key species. One of the most important forest key species animals in the world are the elephants. You can join the elephant sanctuary Thailand if you are interested in becoming one of the heroes who are going to save them.

By protecting the elephants, you will also protect the water supply directly. It’s because of the elephants are spreading the seeds of the new trees when they’re pooping. They eat almost any trees and fruits, thus, the seeds will enter their digestive system. Once the elephant walks around to the other parts of the forest, they will poop eventually and spread the seed of the new trees. You can always join is to protect them, and you can protect the elephants, the forest, the water, and the future of the mankind at the same time.