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White Goods

No home or apartment can exist without them. We need them and we need them to function all the time. You’ll know the problems that happen when a washing machine breaks down. It’s bad new, right? And can be very inconvenient (It always happens at exactly the wrong time).

Well there are shopping guides, which you can find all over the internet. But we’ll save our blogs for truly amazing goods that we consider to be of great value. When we find one, we’ll tell you about it here.

The old adage, “expensive” means well made, fit for purpose; “cheap” means shoddy, doesn’t perform. Well that’s partly true. You do get what you pay for, right?

But there are exceptions “cheap” (we prefer reasonable) and “Fit for Purpose” (we prefer, outstanding). They do exist and we seek them out and enjoy the process of telling our audience about them and where the best deals can be had.

As a bonus we dig up any coupons that can be used to get even more off the initial purchase price. But coupons are almost always time sensitive, so we’ll have a coupon section of any relevant coupons and when you have to use them by.

They Don’t last forever

What’s better than purchasing white goods? The answer is not purchasing them. The way you do this is to look after them.

Most folk don’t and that means the machine breaks down through ware-and-tear and has to be replaced. Heavy use can reduce this to five years or less.

There are lots of simple things that you can do that will increase the life of your white goods and therefore save you money (in the long term) and what better news can there be than that- one expense removed or put off for a long… time.

We’ll include general tips and simple maintenance tips that will keep your appliance in tip-top working order and running ages.